Is Being Child-Free Right for You?


People have different wants and needs. Some people may be focused on their career to the exclusion of all else in their lives. Others may prefer to concentrate on relationships. In many instances, people wonder if having a child is right for them. While some people choose to have children, others may not do so. The decision to remain child-free is one that many women and men think about as carefully as possible before deciding on this course of action in their lives. Foregoing the decision to have kids has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes people are sure about this particular path at a young age. Other people may come to this decision after a long period of carefully consideration of their needs and personal priorities.

Age Related Considerations
One of the most important considerations when deciding on the choice to avoid having children is that of age. Having children at an early age can be difficult both mentally and physically. Doing so may force the person to drop out of school and avoid completing their education. Many people at this age who have children wind up facing poverty in their lives as a result. Older people may also wish to remain child-free as well. Having a child much later in life means risking the possibility that the child will be born with birth defects such as Down Syndrome or autism. The older person may also face increased risks as a result of the pregnancy such as problems with pregnancy like pre-term labor or the need for bed rest to avoid a miscarriage. This can lead to a loss of income and even possible permanent impairment for the mother.

Fiscal Problems
Raising a child can be very expensive. The cost of providing items such as diapers and formula can easily run up. Once the child is born, a parent may need to be back at work shortly afterwards. This means she will have to put the baby into daycare. Daycare costs can easily also be quite high. Having a child will mean the need for care even once the child goes to school as schools do not run during the summer. Finding care can be difficult and expensive. Educating a child can also be a fiscal hardship. Helping a child attend college or trade school tuition can be quite expensive. In that case, many people realize it is better for them to avoid such potential expenses altogether.

More Time For Yourself
Taking care of a child also takes up a great deal of time. Parents typically need to spend many hours each day supervising, cleaning up after and feeding their children when they come home. Such time can eat into the amount of time the parent has for other things that are important to them in life such as traveling or pursuing a hobby they enjoy. The caregiver will frequently need to spend time on weekends assisting their child. A parent needs to supervise both younger and older kids as well. Many parents find it hard to provide the attention their child needs and have time for themselves as well. Given the amount of care that children need, it is completely understandable why some people may wish to decide to focus on their needs instead of deciding to have kids.

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