5 of the Most Interesting Jobs


It is true what they say: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Having a job is a necessary evil, essentially. On one hand, you need the money to survive, but you cannot stand the thought of waking up each day to sacrifice your time and, often, your patience. Naturally, the majority of the population attends college in the hope that they will get a fairly enjoyable job that pays decently, but recent years have discovered that this might not always be the case. Alas, interesting jobs usually equate to an educational background, but that is not always definitive. Regardless of having an education or not, there are some pretty astounding jobs out there, most of which pay well. Having to choose just five is a start, but the possibilities are truly endless in the hunt for the world’s most interesting careers.

  1. Beer Enthusiasts WantedIf you enjoy the occasional or daily brew or even consider yourself a beer snob, being a brewmaster might be the job for you then. While this is not a profession in which you simply get to sample beer as the only expectation, it is part of the daily grind. Most of the time, a brewery will require some form of training in the field and, believe it or not, there are brewery institutions, including the Siebel Institute of Technology. Upon receiving your training and education in the art of brewing, you will be able to obtain a profession throughout the world. Some of the tasks of this profession include:
    • Developing new beer flavors and concepts, which emphasizes the importance of knowing plants and their characteristics.
    • Testing the beer to determine quality, appropriate flavor, and if the concept was clearly executed.
    • Running the business side of the company, to an extent. Essentially, what should this product cost and who will the market target?
  2. Disney CharacterSometimes, growing up is unfavorable and there are jobs that coincide with your love of being a kid. If you have talent in acting or singing and simply look like a Disney prince, princess, or character, you should consider becoming one in one of the kingdoms. This career has many stipulations, though, including:
    • Being free from tattoos or piercings.
    • Remaining in character for long periods of time.
    • Being responsible both on and off the job because, after all, you are representing Disney.
    • Knowing the ins and out of the role.
  3. Restore ArtUpon obtaining a Fine Arts degree with a focus on painting, textures, or sculpting, consider becoming an art restorer. This profession entails that you will spend your day channeling your inner ancient artist, a reality that is enticing to most. Working for museums and art galleries will allow you to spruce up ancient or damaged works of art, so knowing your art history is crucial, too.
  4. Fragrance the WorldCandles, perfumes, and sprays all have scents and somebody had to create them. After earning a Masters in microbiology or chemistry, consider becoming a fragrance chemist. In this profession, you will combine molecules, extracts, and elements in the hope to reproduce the desired smell.
  5. Get Paid to PlayWhen a new video game is created, it cannot be put on the market immediately. While the designers of the game have played it, they simply do not have the time to dedicate to consistent play of the game. As a result, they hire average people to play these games in their entirety in the hopes to discover glitches, downfalls, or even what works the best for the game for marketing purposes. Typically, this job pays well, but being an enthusiast does assist in helping the designers immensely.

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